Right on our website, we present to our business partners or anyone interested an overview of basic documents, rules and guidelines that are needed, and not only for problem-free international trade. Our staff are ready to answer any questions regarding these topics that are not covered in the documents.

We also provide trade and consultation services in selling and implementing computers and hardware. Our consultancy services also cover the issue of guarantees and both warranty and after-warranty services.

In addition to our rich portfolio of trading and consultation activities, we also provide services related to many areas of the internet, technologies, and marketing to our clients.

  • We ensure our mutual cooperation leads to success,
  • we select the right strategy and help implement it,
  • we provide online support and our own systems and applications,
  • we monitor all of our past activities constantly,
  • we analyse our clients’ options and needs and transform them into ideal solutions,
  • we carry out market analyses and suggest better solutions.